Get to Know Your Wild Neighbors

Learn to identify and love the nature near you. This course will show you how to name and care for plants and animals, and how to make stories with them. It’s for beginners or newcomers to the Pacific Northwest.

sand pathway surrounding grass

Get to know the plants and animals in your yard or local park through classic identification as well as developing your own sense of recognition and storymaking. Often the first step toward understanding your local fauna and flora is to learn about distinguishing features and the different names they go by. Once you can identify a family name, you can look up what a species inherited preferences and dislikes are generally (i.e. full-sun or part-shade). What works for one species may be the opposite for another, and part of learning to take care of your garden means learning who’s there. This course is for beginners, or those who have recently moved to a new patch of the Pacific Northwest.

This course is in design mode – stay tuned for details.

Get to Know Your Wild Neighbors