Nature Basking

Nature basking (nā-chər ˈbask-ing), not to be confused with nature bathing, is the unabashed connection of body to earth. Basking is to lie in nature, generally under warm rays of sunshine.

Nature basking is preferably done clothed and in a hooded sweatshirt to protect one’s hair. First, let your instincts guide you to a place out of doors that you take pleasure in or derive enjoyment from. Find a comfortable place to lie down, and take care to look up and ensure nothing dangerous may fall from above like a dead branch or bird turd.

Self-certified Nature Basker, Rachael Pecore-Valdez, demonstrates proper basking technique.

Bend your knees and let yourself slowly sink to the ground. Lie on your back with knees bent (at first) with the base of your head firmly rooted to the ground. Eyes may be closed or open. Ears tuned to the four directions and your breath. Lie for as long as is comfortable, or until a sense of calm or humor develops.

Advanced practitioners may use a full frontal chest to earth connection.

Be sure and notify a responsible person where you are going when nature basking, in case you fall asleep and need reminders of important appointments.