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What stories do you tell?

Our brains are networked by images and concepts painted by words and pictures, verbal and nonverbal, head and heart. Stories that heal the myth of right and left brain, that integrate facts and feeling, can help nudge our actions. Restore earth by tending to the stories that move you.

Story Tracks Comic

Step onto the mysterious trail of Story Tracks, the mostly true wild adventures of Rattler Rach and Osa.
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Between you and me…

The truth is, between you and me.  It’s there in the air that connects us.  And in the touch, a glance, whiff or word.   The truth is we have never been alone. The earth is always under our bodies,  air surrounds us and water inside.  When we narrow our experience of the world,  and yield
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Nature Basking

Nature basking (nā-chər ˈbask-ing), not to be confused with nature bathing, is the unabashed connection of body to earth. Basking is to lie in nature, generally under warm rays of sunshine. While nature bathing, or the washing and soaking of the body in nature, is best done lightly clad, basking is preferably done clothed and
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Your Nature

What was nature to you as a child? Was nature a park, backyard, outdoor school, summer camp or somewhere in a forest far away? Looking back, nature to me was where I hid for solitude, peace and relief from the chatter of humans. Growing up I shared a big bedroom with my two sisters. My family
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Homing to the Group

Do you pull dandelions in your yard because you dislike their bright, yellow flowers or because you’d rather not be judged by your neighbors? If you knew dandelions were a food source for pollinators, especially in urban areas, would that change your behavior? Our human tendency to orient to the herd may make us strangely similar to
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Salmon Season

You are the hands of my father filleting steaks, smell of alder in the smokehouse, roar of a diesel engine chugging upriver, ocean salt melting in my mouth. Where the salmon run, I am home.
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