Garden Habitat Coach

Guidance for DIY gardeners working to restore habitat by adding a patch of native plants in your yard.

Are you new to the Northwest, new to your home, and/or looking for ways to contribute to habitat restoration efforts through your own yard? If you’re ready to restore habitat for birds and native pollinators in your yard but need support on getting started contact us for a garden habitat consultation. Naturescaping describes a patch of yard that is planted with canopy layers of varying heights with majority native plants that serve local pollinators.

Coaching ($45/hr)

  • Onsite habitat consultation – An opportunity to explore your yard’s unique micro-climates, identify existing plants, and discuss habitat priorities. It includes a written report with detailed notes from our walk-through and routes for next steps. 
  • Native plant selection – Includes a curated plant list with photos and care info for priority areas
  • Plant shopping (fall – early spring)
  • Plant placement and planting tutorial (fall – early spring)
  • Colonizing weed identification and management plan
  • Oakscaping – Join a growing movement of people supporting native Oregon White Oak and its companion prairie by preserving existing trees, adding companion plants below, and converting sunny lawns into new Oakscapes for future generations of people and wildlife.

After an initial consultation by email or phone, we’ll send you an estimate of costs with next steps.


Birch leaf spirea
Garden Habitat CoachNaturescape Coaching $45/hr