Naturescape Coach

Guidance for DIY gardeners working to restore habitat by adding a patch of native plants in your yard.

Ready to restore habitat for birds and native pollinators in your yard but need support on getting started? Naturescaping describes a patch of yard that is planted with 3-5 canopy layers of majority native plants.

Birch leaf spirea

Naturescape Coaching ($50/hr)

Are you new to the Northwest and/or looking for ways to contribute to local habitat restoration efforts through your own yard? An onsite habitat consultation is an opportunity to explore your yard’s unique micro-climates, identify existing plants, and discuss habitat priorities. It includes a written report with detailed notes from our walk-through and routes for next steps. 

  • Habitat consultation
  • Native plant selection
  • Plant shopping (fall through early spring)
  • Placement and planting tutorial (fall through early spring)
  • Weed identification and management plan
  • Oakscaping


Naturescape CoachNaturescape Coaching $45/hr including travel