Restorative Tree Walks

Open your senses to the restorative power of being among trees. Walk, notice new things, sit awhile and listen. Return with a restored sense of connection.

Whether walking through a forest, sitting under a tree, or planting an acorn, the restorative power of being in nature, especially among trees, is noticeable. We are learning that some trees release aromatic compounds that boost our immune systems; the sound of birds singing relaxes our nervous systems; and focusing on our senses in nature quiets the mind. In this workshop we will visit trees and groves in various states of restoration, meet a few organisms big and small, sit awhile in silence, and return with a restored sense of connection. 

As soon as you step into a forest, you step into a different space. Peter Wohlleben, Forest Walking

Workshop Details:

Available by Request: Contact us to book an in-person, custom experience at a place near you for your group.

Group size: 2 to 20 

Location: Portland-Metro area. 

Ability: Most places require walking on uneven ground. Walks can be tailored to meet accessibility needs with advanced notice.

Duration: Varies by group, generally 1-2 hours.

Price: $25/person, group discounts available

Community agreements: Kindergarten rules apply in shared spaces. Please bring your whole self – giggles, tears and all – but you will be dismissed or sent to quiet time if the potential for harm to others arises. We value restorative practices including relationship, respect, responsibility, repair, and reintegration for both our human and plant communities. Reading Nature welcomes marginalized parts of ourselves including LBGTQIA+, neurodivergent and BIPOC identities.


Restorative Tree WalksPer person fee, group discounts available