Welcome to the lifelong journey of Reading Nature. 

It begins everyday outside your door with a cup of morning or evening brew. Notice the sounds, sights, temperature, and even your mood. How do the birds respond to your presence? Get to know the birds, plants, animals and seasons where you live.

Learn to read your local climate, work with nature, and plant restorative habitat for pollinators and your own well-being. 

Classes & Coaching for Gardeners & Community Groups

Habitat Restoration + Restorative Practices

Learn about ways to read nature, tend to soil, add native plants and support the entire food web from pollinators to people. Top up with Tension Release Exercises (TRE®) to care for your inherently wild nervous system and open up to the restorative power of nature. Beginners welcome!


Restorative Garden Habitat

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Garden Habitat Coach

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TRE® Tune Up

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PARTnering with Nature

 Our gardens, parks and farms reflect our relationships with nature. Are they places humming with life, or not? Imagine gardens where humans play a role not as a dominating force, nor as passive observers, but as a key part of nature. Clearly, humans have an immense impact on the places around us. Understand your power, and tap into the immense joy of giving back to nature. 

“We need to shift away from a detached, exploitive relationship with nature toward one that is close, protective, and regenerative.”  -Dr. Suzanne Simard, author of Finding the Mother Tree